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The objective of membership in the Lake Region Anglers Association is to work in support of our 6 founding principles; 1) Conservation 2) Preservation 3) Sportsmanship 4) Fellowship 5) Lake Access 6) Youth Activities and Education.

Please click on our "What We Do" document in order to view the activities of LRAA in support of our six (6) founding principles.

What We Do

The life blood of all organizations, the Lake Region Anglers Association (LRAA) included is our having active and involved members. 

We encourage all LRAA members to assist us in helpin to grow our association membership ranks by taking part in "EACH ONE, REACH ONE", our annual membership drive. 

The objective of "EACH ONE, REACH ONE" is to ask each LRAA member to recruit another person who enjoys the benefits of the work we our Association does in support of our founding principles.

LRAA has four types of memberships available,

  1. Individual membership
  2. Family memberships (includes all children in the household under the age of 18)
  3. Business membership
  4. Lifetime membership

The annual cost of dues for an Association membership is $20. The cost of a Lifetime Membership is $350 for persons ages 18 through 59 and $250 for persons aged 60 and over.

The Association membership year runs from April 1st through March 31st.

Members are able to obtain membership in LRAA by completeing our online application paying via our PayPal account or if you are uncomfortable with making a payment online you can use our application form which is available below by printing out, preparing and mailing in your payment to LRAA PO Box 456 Devils Lake, North Dakota 58301.


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